Friday, April 2, 2010

Q & A about Halvia, the great ancient super food – Chia Seed

Who will benefit from Halvia?

High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Heart Problem
Numbness / Tingling at hands and feet
Joint pain and discomfort
Allergy – Sinus / Itch / Asthma
Aging Skin
Fibroid / Cyst / Tumor growth
Poor Memory / Lack of Concentration
Pregnant Women
Growing Children
Older people

Why Halvia?

High Energy Living food
Optimum ratio of Omega fatty acid
High in Fiber especially soluble fiber
High Antioxidant
High lignans content
High in good quality complete protein
High in Minerals
Organically grown Wholefood

How its work?

For professional or individual who would like to know how Halvia can work for multiple conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or my holistic nutritionist master Mr FE Chong at . We are willing to share with you the secret of it.

How to eat Halvia?

Stir 2 teaspoons chia seed with 6-8oz of water and stand for at least 10 minutes. It may be served as drinking water and freshness may last up to 8 hours in room temperature.

How much to take?

Start with 2 teaspoons once or twice daily. Amount may be adjusted accordingly to body responses. In special case, reference to experience therapist may be required.

Should I control my diet for optimum result?

Consumers are advice to follow holistic nutrition and lifestyle as this will be the key of success to healthy life. Here are some simple dietary rules to follow:-
More fruits with empty stomach.
More raw vegetables or wild ulam.
Less animal protein. ( E.g. Meat, fish, chicken, eggs, seafood & etc. )
Less leftover or frozen food. ( E.g. Bread, biscuit, nugget & etc. )
Fewer Spices. ( E.g. Chili, Curry and etc. )

When is the good time to take chia?

Chia may be taken anytime of the day. If possible, try to take it half an hour before any meal.

Will I experience any healing crisis when I consume chia?

Chia has been used as a staple food by ancient Mexican 3500 B.C. It has been granted with GRAS ( Generally recognized as safe ) status by US FDA in 2005. Thus it is very safe to be consumed by all stages of life. But due to it high level of energy, it may provoke some healing crisis in certain individuals and this may be quite irritated if left unattended. For such cases, you are advice not to be panic but to contact your holistic scientist for further assessment.

Where to get Halvia?

Halvia, the premium chia seed is imported and distributed by Nature Care Health Management. At the moment, you may get it through online shop or independent dealer near to your area. In future, Halvia may be found in leading pharmacies, health food stores, TCM practitioners or even vegetarian restaurants. Let Chia!

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